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Hello, I'm Ellie.

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."
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    somebody should pay me to bullshit papers

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  • [ Holy Shit, I Go to College in a Month ]

    my bed has changed
    on at least three occasions
    for the amount of time
    i’ve inhabited this
    measly apartment

    my hair has changed
    approximately three times
    throughout the past year

    my boyfriend and I
    have had sex three times
    a day
    about three different times
    since I met him
    last August

    almost an entire year,
    come and gone,
    as unpredictable as
    summer weather
    and more vengeful
    than my mother under the
    influence of
    a handful of Xanax

    true change is
    and love is
    undefinable, for if
    I could define
    I would not feel an
    uneasiness settle in my
    stomach like pounds of
    lead at the thought
    of designing games
    for the rest of my life

    change comes from
    accepting the infinite,
    embracing that which
    we cannot definitively define
    change comes from loving
    another human being and
    loving one’s self
    change is me
    and I am changed

    if I were to so boldly
    pontificate the immeasurable
    and the undefinable,
    exposing the fine,
    vulnerable underbelly of my
    being like a giant Skulltula,
    I would say:

    he changed me
    and I love to write

    - e.l.

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  • Anonymous asked : We're actually in theatre together. You probably think I'm the creepiest man alive for stalking you on Tumblr but I seemed to have stumbled upon it and I thought I would take advantage of the anonymity. Know you're appreciated and that I'm looking out for you.


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  • Anonymous asked : Yes, you do. Very well in fact.

    Oh, well you have me at a bit of a disadvantage. Thank you for your kind words, though!

  • Anonymous asked : No seriously, you look like goddess in your Facebook picture.

    My Facebook picture? Do I know you?

  • Anonymous asked : You are officially one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on.

    Well thank you dearly!

  • If jealousy was an illness, I would have terminal cancer.

  • ruupee:

    Giveaway: Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL

    i’m giving away this beautiful console because i got a new one as a present, and after much thinking i decided that i prefer that one. it’s smaller and i’ve got tiny baby hands so it fits me. and besides i don’t live in the same region anymore so it’s easier.

    but the look on my face when this arrived in the mail was that of pure joy so i thought it’d be so cool to give it away to someone, i know a lot of you probably don’t have a 3DS yet and games are a comin so you’re gonna need it!! (and hopefully i get to see the look of joy on the winner’s face if they take a picture please take a picture)

    let me just poop out the details real quick

    • like and reblog to enter
    • i’ll ship internationally for free BUT the console is american so it’s region locked!! you can use it in your country but you’ll have to import games (or get an american user and download from the store, if that works. i don’t know if it does or how to do it!)
    • please be willing to give me name and address
    • keep your ask box open or i can’t contact you
    • you don’t have to follow me to win. feel free if you want (i got a gaming blog) but it won’t increase your chances it’ll only succeed in making me happy
    • the download code for albw is not included, but the AC adapter is and of course the little pen
    • giveaway ends on august 6

    i think that’s it!! 

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  • I love you.

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  • I have an extreme distaste for my absurd insecurities.